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Computar SWIR lenses

A range of 4 Computar SWIR lenses to suit many SWIR machine vision applications between 800 and 1700nm.

Designed for 2/3" C-mount cameras these lenses can be used with 2/3" or 1/2" cameras which covers a large selection of the cameras being used in todays machine vision. The operating temperature ranges from -10°C up to 50°C, so it is ideal for most production facilities. It is suitable for most NIR and SWIR applications.

Their unique coating only transmits light with wavelengths ranging from 800 nm to 1700 nm to pass through. The lenses have a compact design and very large apertures. 

  • Unique coating technology delivers high transmission from 800nm-1,700nm
  • High-resolution, low-distortion design offers Megapixel clarity in hyperspectral application
  • Designed around the popular φ12.3mm image circle format
  • The industry’s most compact form factor.  Fits in most applications.
  • Standard thumbscrews for locking focus and iris

Model            Focal length  format    aperture  mount   focus range (m)

M1614-SW       16mm            2/3"          f1.4            C              0.3 - inf
M2514-SW       25mm            2/3"          f1.4            C              0.3 - inf
M3514-SW       35mm            2/3"          f1.4            C              0.3 - inf
M5014-SW       50mm            2/3"          f1.8            C              0.6 - inf

ViSWIR lenses - A range of 7 lenses for visible to SWIR imaging.

The ViSWIR Lite Series achieves a clear and precise image visible to the SWIR range by applying a multilayer coating to absorb the specific light. The application of a multilayer coating on the metal lens parts makes it possible to minimize the negative lighting effects.

The broadband anti-reflection coating is applied on all ViSWIR lens elements, allowing high and stable transmission at a super-wide wavelength range: 400nm to 1,700nm.

The ViSWIR series delivers a high-quality image using the latest Visible + SWIR sensors. This high-performance lens is designed for non-visible range imaging allowing diverse applications into multiple markets, including Agriculture, Medical and Remote Sensing.

VIS-SWIR C-mount lenses, for use in 400-1700nm multi-band SWIR imaging applications, enable Sony IMX990 or IMX-991-based SWIR cameras to see through many different types of materials, atmospheric conditions, and multispectral-reflective surfaces. They are constructed of glass with metal barrels, have locking screws, support pixel pitches down to 5µm, and offer an average of 0.1-0.2m minimum object distance (MOD).

  • 5, 8, 12, 16, 25, 35, and 50mm focal lengths
  • For ½"-2/3" format SWIR sensors
  • Low distortion for IMX990 and IMX991 sensors
  • 6MP Resolution
  • Supporting pixels sizes down to 5µm
  • Excellent transmission from 400-1700nm
  • Highly cost-effective SWIR lens option

Model            Focal length  format    aperture  mount   focus range (m)

H0514-VSW         5mm           1/2"          f1.4            C              0.1 - 0.9
M0814-VSW        8mm           2/3"          f1.4            C              0.1 - inf
M1214-VSW      12mm           2/3"          f1.4            C              0.1 - inf
M1614-VSW      16mm           2/3"          f1.4            C              0.1 - inf
M2514-VSW      25mm           2/3"          f1.4            C              0.1 - inf
M3514-VSW      35mm           2/3"          f1.4            C              0.1 - inf
M5014-VSW      50mm           2/3"          f1.4            C              0.1 - inf