LED Fluorescence Microscope

LED Fluorescence Microscope

This LED Fluorescence Microscope is specially designed for universities and life science departments. The EX30 LED Fluorescence microscope is supplied with a trinocular head and 0.5x C-mount adapter. Designed with LED epi and sub-stage illumination for quick start, controlled and stable lighting the 3 watt modules have lower power consumption and longer life than halogen. LED Fluorescence avoids the expense and safety concerns of mercury lamps. 

The EX30 Single-band LED Fluorescence microscope is designed with precision stage and Plan Infinity Achromatic objectives for laboratory pathology and observation of biological cell slices and tuberculosis detection

This advanced colour corrected system has the choice of 4 inter-changeable LED epifluorescence modules covering the most popular fluorescence work. Modules switch from Brightfield to Fluorescence and have LED intensity control. The system is supplied with standard Plan Achromatic objectives with the option of Plan-Fluor objectives. 

  • High Performance
  • High Contrast
  • High Performance : Price ratio

The main body design is a triangular to add stability and rigidity and the controls have been ergonomically designed for ease of use. The curved aesthetics include an easy carry handle for ease of movement.

22 mm field plan high eye-point x10 eyepieces with (±5) dioptre adjustment. Wide field eyepieces help to find and count objects.

Viewing Head
30° gemel trinocular. The rotating tube design can be rotated 360° to raise the eye-pieces up to 34 mm. Coupled with inter-pupillary distance adjustment between 50 to 75 mm the eyepieces can be set and locked to suit the user.

Filter Sets
Different inter-changeable modules suit the choice of fluorescent dyes. The modules are switchable between bright field and reflected fluorescence and include light intensity control. Module B4 is designed primarily for the detection of Tuberculosis

A table showing the EX30 Fluorescent imaging filters sets

The Infinity Plan Achromatic Objectives (x4, x10,  x40,  x100 oil) are designed for laboratory pathology and observation of cell slices. They give a clear image, good contrast and good performance under fluorescence observation.
The optional Infinity Plan-Fluor semi-apochromatic fluorescence objectives offer 25% higher numerical aperture (NA) than ordinary plan objectives and can excite the sample with brighter light and make a substantial increase in image resolution and clarity. 

Filter Sets
The EX30 LED Fluorescence Microscope uses high performance fluorescence filters with high transmittance of the spectrum and good depth and steepness of the cut-off line. The high S/N ratio and stray light elimination gives a darker background and brighter fluorescence. 

150 x 140 mm mechanical stage with underhand 76 x 50 mm precision movement range. 

We choose to promote microscopes with camera options and offer a 0.5x CCTV adapter so the digital image "field of view" is closer to the eyepiece "field of view". In Fluorescence digital camera imagery it is essential to have a high sensitivity sensor and this is achieved using cameras with ICX sensors. The best sensitivity generally comes from EXview HAD CCD and more recently from EXview HAD II CCD sensors.

Brightfield Phase Kit with x10, x20, x40 and x100 objectives
Polarising Set
Filter set (Neutral/Blue/Green/Yellow)