VM10x Video Microscope

HD Monitor Images

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VM10x Video Microscope

Our very successful VM10x video microscope is now available with HD Colour camera to give live high definition images. This system makes inspection of SMT and components much less stressful than constant work with a stereo microscope. Magnification is generally x6.5 to x65 and can be increased. Available with 21.5" wide screen monitor as standard.

The new HDMI High Definition colour camera gives live images (60 fps) with excellent clarity and vibrant colours. The VM10x Video Microscope is built using an LED ring light which gives good even white light and hence shadow free viewing. There is ample working distance for the operator to rework and solder. The image can be plan view or angled up to 50 degrees.

For typical image quality please see the images on the PDF data sheet. Zoom (magnify) the PDF.

New Feature - Image and video capture directly onto SD card in the camera

10:1 Zoom Lens
LED Shadow Free Illumination
Clear Sharp Images
HD quality with live video
Large Depth of Field
Good Working Distance
Plan or angled view
Easy Hand to Eye co-ordination for Reworking
No computer required

Options include a boom stand, alternative cameras (PAL or USB2) and LED side lights .