Pixelink USB3 Cameras

Pixelink USB3 Cameras for Research and inspection

This selection from the Pixelink range complement our range of Navitar Zoom 6000, Zoom 12x and Precise Eye lenses. They comprise a selection of cameras with the ideal format, resolution, pixel size and light sensitivity for consistent and high quality image acquisition.

They all use high quality Sony CMOS sensors between 2/3" and 1.1" format and have the option of a trigger input if required. Pixelink give free capture software with optional Image Acquisition software.

This C-mount range, all with Global shutter, are especially suited to medium and high magnifications so commonly used in SMT inspection and University Research, matching lens resolution to sensor resolution.

Also included in this range is a 5MPixel camera with the imx250MZR polarising sensor, a unique sensor with polarising filter for viewing highly reflective surfaces without polarised light sources.

Pixelink USB3 Cameras
Model                    Sensor        Resolution  Sensor size   Pixel Size   Frame rate
PL-D752                 imx174         2.3MP           1/1.2"             5.86               167
PL-D753 (HDR)      imx421        2.8MP            2/3"                4.5                  143
PL-D755                 imx250         5.0MP           2/3"                3.45                  81
PL-D755MU-POL  imx250MZR 5.0MP           2/3"                3.45                  53
PL-D795                 imx264         5.0MP           2/3"                3.45                  36
PL-D757 (HDR)     imx420          7.1MP           1.1"                4.5                    60
PL-D797                imx428          7.1MP           1.1"                 4.5                    51
PL-D759                imx255          9.0MP           1"                    3.45                  48
PL-D799                imx267          9.0MP           1"                    3.45                  32
PL-D7512              imx253         12 MP            1.1"                 3.45                  35
PL-D7912              imx304         12 MP            1.1"                 3.45                  23