Mantis Elite

Mantis Elite

Mantis Elite is a patented 'eyepieceless' stereo microscope, offering superb 3-D imaging. The operator is more comfortable when viewing and this reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity. 

The Mantis Elite has won numerous industry design awards for its design.

With magnification options up to 20x, Mantis Elite is the high performance stereo viewer of choice for a wide range of precision tasks requiring magnification.

2x – 20x magnification options (2 in quick change turret)
Superior ergonomics for fatigue-free viewing and increased quality / productivity
Superb hand-eye co-ordination for inspection and manipulation tasks
Long working distance and large field of view
True colour, LED illumination providing up to 10,000 hours of shadow-free viewing
Choice of stands and accessories to suit numerous applications.

Mantis Elite-Cam variant, with internally integrated USB2.0 digital camera

MEH-001                   Stereo Optical Head - Mantis Elite
MHD-001                  Stereo Optical + HD Camera Head - Mantis Elitecam HD

MES-005                   Universal Stand (inc. cover & psu)   - Mantis Elite
MBS-002                   Mantis Bench Stand (low profile base)

MEHUV-001              UV Stereo Optical Head (large UV & small white tubes)  - Mantis Elite
MEHCAMUV-001     UV Stereo & Video Head (large UV & small white tubes) - Mantis Elite

MEHCAM-005          Mantis Elitecam Retrofit (Elite Head up-grade)   - Mantis Elite
MEF-001                    Articulated Arm Stand inc cover & psu   - Mantis Elite
MF-005                      Articulated Arm Extension (Secondary Link) - Compact/Elite
MEF-003                   Articulated Arm only (no column) inc. cover & psu - Mantis Elite
MF-005                      Articulated Arm Extension (Secondary Link) - Compact/Elite
MF-006                      Floor Stand Only - Compact/Elite
MEO-002                   2x Objective 
MEO-004                   4x Objective 
MEOUV-004              4x  UV Objective 
MEO-006                   6x Objective 
MEO-006SLT             6x SWLD Objective 
MEO-008                    8x Objective 
MEO-010                   10x Objective 
MEO-015                   15x Objective 
MEO-020                   20x Objective 
CAM-SOF-01               Dimension One (Dimensioning Software) - Mantis Elitecam
MS-002                       Floating Stage (Low Profile Bench Stand) - Compact/Elite/SX
MPS-005                     psu - Compact/Elite
MEO-025                    4x, 8x & 10x Objective Protection Caps (PK4) - Mantis Elite
MEO-026                    6x Objective Protection Caps (PK4) - Mantis Elite
MEO-027                    6x SWLD Objective Protection Caps (PK4) - Mantis Elite