Watec Cameras

Watec Cameras

Watec Cameras offer a range of High Resolution PAL Video Cameras.

Watec are the premier manufacturer of small, compact PAL video cameras. These compact cameras are manufactured with high quality Sony sensors and have high signal to noise ratio, excellent light sensitivity and low power consumption. Their rugged and compact design make them ideally suited for machine vision and production environments.

In the days of High Definition cameras and computer connectivity it can be easy to overlook the advantages these quality High Resolution PAL Video Watec Cameras offer. They give a bright sharp image and very good colour fidelity. There are many applications where these cameras are the ideal tool for the job. Many low cost accessories are available such a video quad generators to display images from 4 different cameras and cross-line video generators.

This range of cameras includes several colour and monochrome cameras with CS mount and back focus adjustment and are therefore suitable for fixed lenses, zoom lenses and microscopes.

Popular models include Wat-221S (1/2") and Wat-231S2 (1/3") colour cameras for microscopy and machine vision plus the Wat-902B (1/2") for monochrome applications. 

The New Wat-910HX camera offers excellent light sensitivity and low noise making it ideal for extreme low light applications and astronomy. The Wat-910HX/RC includes a remote controller.

See our PDF showing a popular selection of Watec cameras. 

Wat-400D,  Waterproof
Wat-240 Vivid, Miniature with interchangeable lenses
Wat-910HX New monochrome camera with excellent light sensitivity
Wat-902B, Monochrome

Wat-240e/cb G3.8 is a New miniature pencil camera with 3.8 mm glass lens and connectors (power in / video out). This compact cylindrical camera, being only 18 mm diameter, fits many confined spaces where a conventional camera and TV lens will not. The CB version includes convenient connectors for a 5 volt input and video output via a BNC cable.