USB2 Cameras

USB2 Cameras

With either 3 million or 5 million pixel resolution these professional USB2 cameras suit a multitude of applications where inspection, image capture and image measurement are included. Their features and resolutions make them ideally suited for manufacturing companies, for quality control and metrology applications, for universities departments, research centres and teaching applications. 

These plug and play CMOS USB2 cameras are easy to install and operate. Both are C-mount and connect to microscopes with a photo (trinocular) port, either stereo and compound and macro/micro lenses such as the Navitar Zoom 6000 or 12x.

They are provided with Windows software (XP, Win 7, Win 8) drivers, are compatible with Twain and DirectShow, and include comprehensive camera controls and image analysis software. The capture software enables stills (jpg, tiff, bmp, raw), movies and time lapsed capture.

Both of these USB2 Cameras have multiple preview resolutions and preview and capture resolutions can be independently controlled. 

  • C-mount
  • 3 MPixel or 5 MPixel
  • Progressive Scan
  • Adjustable preview resolution / frame rate
  • Image & Video capture
  • Measuring and image stitching software

Features include live measurement & calibration, extended depth of field, image stitching and numerous measurement functions.

The measurement functions include Line, Parallel lines, Perpendicular, Rectangle, Circle, Polyline, Polygon, Arc, and Angle measurement plus features include object count and the ability to annotate, display a scale or overlay a cross-hair.