HDMI Measuring Camera

HDMI Measuring Camera

One of a range of  HDMI measuring cameras that enable image capture and component measurement without a computer. The illustrated camera has a 1/2" Sony CMOS sensor (imx 185) offering multiple features and benefits in QA, manufacturing and research applications.

Please see illustrated images as an examples of images with annotated measurements

A superior sensor with good pixel size and light sensitivity that gives sharp images with good contrast and illumination. This camera can be used with microscopes and zoom lenses including co-axial lenses and is also suitable for fluorescence imaging.

The compact menu is intuitive and easy to use. Features include:

  • adjust camera settings
  • set calibrations and make measurements
  • Set graticule lines (up to 8 horizontal and vertical), set cross-hair
  • Capture images and video clips
  • Browse captured images, rename or delete, compare captured image with live image (picture in picture)

Sensor - Sony imx185, 1920 x 1080, 3.75 x 3.75 micron pixels, frame rate 60 fps, 

Image format - JPG & BMP,      Video format - MP4 (1920 x 1080@ 25 fps)

Supplied with wireless mouse, 8 GByte SD card, HDMI cable and 12v psu