LED Biological Microscope

LED Biological Microscope

The CX30 is an advanced LED Biological Microscope specially designed for universities and lifescience departments. New objectives give improved resolution and higher contrast images. Offered with Trinocular C-mount head this quality instrument utilises LED substage Kohler illumination with options for phase, darkfield and simple polarising observation.

  • High Performance
  • High Contrast
  • High Performance : Price ratio

The CX30 is a new design to give excellent optical and mechanical features with 3 watt LED transmitted illumination.

The Bionocular / Trinolcular head has new rotating eye tubes to give 34 mm height adjustment in eye-point. Interpupillary distance range is 50 – 75 mm. Wide angle 22 mm eyepieces eyepieces for fast object finding / counting and comfort. Eyepieces have adjustable dioptre and locking screws.

The new infinity corrected Achromatic objectives have advanced multi-coating for brighter, higher contrast, high resolution images which are flat and sharp. The mechanical design gives a very stable work place with many security locks and safety features plus a new carry handle.

The illuminator supplies stable brightness and temperature difference never occurred even long time worked

Eyepieces: PL10X/22T Plan eyepiece 10x with diopter, +/-5 adjustable, 22 mm field

Objectives: Infinity plan achromatic objective 4X (NA 0.1), 10X (NA 0.25), 40X (NA 0.65), 100X oil (NA 1.25)

Viewing head: 30° gemel trinocular viewing head with 360° rotatable eyepiece tube, interpupillary adjustable distance: 50-75mm, fixed spectroscopical ratio R:T=80%: 20%

Nosepiece: Reversed quadruple nosepiece

Stage: 150x140mm mechanical stage with underhand, moving range: 76x50mm, precision: 0.1mm, with damping clips 

Condenser: N.A.1.25 Koehler illuminator condenser (with socket for phase contrast and dark-field accessories)

Adjustable Focus: Integrated all-metal high-pressure die-casting (HPDC) body, precision transmission mechanism with rack & pinion. Coarse focusing scope: 30mm, with tightness adjustment and place limit set, fine adjustable precision: 0.002mm

Transmitted illumination: 100V-240V_AC50/60Hz wide range voltage, single high brightness 3W LED, intensity continuously adjustable

Camera Adapter: 0.5x CCTV

Other options: Phase contrast accessories,  Filter set (Neutral/Blue/Green/Yellow), simple Dark-field accessory, simple polarizer/analyzer