VM6x Video Microscope

VM6x Video Microscope (co-axial)

A robust system built around the a modular and versatile zoom lens. The VM6x Video Microscope (co-axial) uses quality components to inspect semi-conductors and other flat reflective components at high magnification. 

The VM6x Video Microscope illustrated uses a 3MP USB2 colour camera with excellent frame rate. The preview image can be set to 1024 x 768 with 27 frames per second (fps) and with image capture set to 2048 x 1536. The software includes image measurement functions and it is recommended to have detents in the zoom lens for measurement accuracy. 

  • Parfocal magnification
  • Smooth mechanical stage
  • Fine/Course focus
  • LED co-axial illumination giving even white light
  • A range of adapters and lens attachments to vary the magnification
  • Compatible with C-mount or F-mount cameras
  • Robust stand of metal construction
  • Camera sensors up to 1" format
  • Adapters 0.5x, 0.67x, 1x, 2x and lens attachments 1.5x, 2x

The diagonal field of view with a 1/3" camera sensor is from 11.32 to 1.78 mm (0.5x adapter and 1.5x lens attachment) to 2.15 to 0.33 mm (2x adapter with 2x lens attachment).

Illustrated here with x1 adapter and x2 lens attachment to give 4.29mm fov with the zoom lens at low magnification and 0.67x fov at high magnification. The working distance is 36mm.