SMT 4K Video Microscope

SMT 4K Video Microscope

A NEW SMT 4K Video Microscope offering crisp and well illuminated images directly to HDMI monitor. Users benefit from super clarity with a large field of view identifying fine details without constantly zooming in to clarify. The 4K camera offers a host of features that are easily accessed through a user friendly on-screen menu.

SMT inspection                   Soldering                        Rework 

The SMT 4K Video Microscope has ample flexibility to view circuits of various sizes or sub-assemblies at plan or oblique views. The high resolution 6x zoom lens is ideally matched to the 8MP camera and has locking pins on the iris, zoom and fine focus adjustments. The boom stand allows viewing at various oblique angles and can also be used vertically. A selection of lens attachments enable various fields of view and working distances. Lens attachments are easily added or removed.

High Quality Japanese optics 

The NEW 8 MPixel HDMI camera gives quality imaging without image lag. Two on-screen menus are controlled through the supplied wireless mouse and include many features to aid inspection and QA functions. In addition to image & video capture features there are also image comparison and image browse options. The white LED ring light gives cool, long life, shadow free illumination.

Three zoom ranges

Add the 0.5x lens attachment......Fov 30.2 x 23mm down to 4.8 x 3.6mm, working distance 201mm, ample distance for soldering while oblique viewing

Add the 0.7x lens attachment......Fov 21.4 x 16.4mm down to 3.4 x 2.5mm, working distance 140mm, ample distance for soldering while oblique viewing

No lens attachment......................Fov 15.1 x 11.5mm down to 2.4 x 1.8mm, working distance 100mm. Suitable for oblique or plan view operation. The magnification is also suitable for semi-conductor inspection.


Solid precision metal stand with multi-positional and angle adjustments
Japanese high quality zoom optics for greater clarity
New 8MP HDMI camera
Image & Video capture feature directly to attached USB drive
Images and videos are easily viewed using an on screen browser
On-screen menus easily accessed through wired or wireless mouse
LED illumination is fully adjustable and gives diffused even illumination
Optional LED polarising ringlight

Stand size - 380 x 260 mm base with 349 mm column and 439 mm horizontal reach
Working Distance: 100 mm, 140mm or 201mm
Supplied with quality HDMI cable and camera psu.
Further camera details can be seen here 
Recommended to be used with our 21.5" LED monitor