Lumenera USB 2.0 and 3.0 Cameras

Lumenera USB 2.0 and 3.0 Cameras

The Lumenera USB 2.0 and 3.0 Cameras (and now HDMIinfinity range of cameras for microscopy. This Infinity range comprise lower cost  CMOS cameras for bright light applications and higher quality CCD cameras for medium and low light applications.

NEW - Infinity 8 series with the latest Sony CMOS senors. Includes the infinity 8-2 monochrome USB3 camera for fluorescence imaging on a budget.

Lumenera concentrate their Research, development and manufacturing in one location ensuring the highest standard of quality manufacture and design

Intuitive Software Package
The Infinity range of cameras, except the Infinity Lite, come with an advanced suite of software including the INFINITY ANALYZE and INFINITY CAPTURE software. The Infinity Lite is supplied with Image Capture Software. The combination of camera and software create a complete imaging solution for your application. These features include full camera control to advanced capabilities such as measurement, video recording, annotation and the pseudo-colouring of fluorescent images. INFINITY ANALYZE is translated into eight languages providing life science, clinical and industrial researchers native language support.

The two main fields of use for Infinity cameras are Life Science and Material Science.

The areas in Life Science are Genetics, Biology and Pathology stained samples. Lumenera’s Advanced Colour Correction Matrices (CCMs) compensate for the visual imperfections caused by light sources and image sensors. Lumenera is better able to define and contrast colours that are difficult to reproduce including hues of oranges, reds, pinks and yellows.

In Material Science the areas are Quality Control, Metrology, Mineralogy and Metallurgy Defect Analysis Measurement. In these fields image annotation are an important part of any quality control process. Features in the software aid precise reproducible results such as simple calibration as well as extensive measurement options. Stereo and Macro Imaging samples can be quite difficult to image and the high dynamic range and high sensitivity of the CCD cameras can help with glare, reflection, shadowing and low-light conditions.

To perform depth of focus and spherical aberration correction there is the Advanced Features Module (available as an accessory).

CCD Model                     (MegaPixel)   Sensor        Sensor size       Interface
Infinity 2-1R C or M           1.4                 icx 205                   1/2”             USB2
Infinity 2-2 C or M              2                    icx 274                 1/1.8”           USB2
Infinity 2-3 C                       3.3                 icx 262                 1/1.8”           USB2
Infinity 2-5 C                       5                    icx 655                  2/3”             USB2
Infinity 3-1 C                       1.4 Cooled    icx 285                  2/3”             USB2
Infinity 3-1UR C or M         1.4                 icx 285                  2/3”             USB2
Infinity 3-3UR C or M         2.8                 icx 674 Had II       2/3”             USB3
Infinity 3-6UR C or M         6                    icx 694 Had II        1”                USB3
Infinity 3S-1UR C or M      1.4                 icx 825 Had II        2/3”             USB3

CMOS Model         (MegaPixel)     Pixels (microns)       Sensor size     Interface   
Infinity EP                     1.3                       3.63                         1/3"              USB2
Infinity HD                    2                          2.7                           1/3"           USB2/HDMI
Infinity 1-1M                 1.5                      5.2                           1/2"               USB2
Infinity 1-2C                   2                        4.2                           1/2"               USB2
Infinity 1-3C                   3.1                     3.2                           1/2"               USB2
Infinity 1-5 C or M         5                        2.2                           1/2.5"            USB2
infinity 5-3 C or M          3                   (imx 252)                    1/1.8"           USB3/HDMI
Infinity 5-5 C or M          5                   (imx 250)                     2/3"             USB3/HDMI
infinity 8-2M                  1.7                 (imx 432  9µm)             1"                 USB3
Infinity 8-20C                 20                  (imx 183  2.4µm)          1"                 USB3
infinity 8-8 C or M          8.3                (imx 334   2µm)           1/1.7"            USB3

Infinity AFM. Optional software called the Advanced Features Module enables depth of focus and spherical aberration correction

All Infinity cameras come with drivers but other software is available directly from Lumenera including support for MAC’s, Media Cybernetics packages, MATLAB and National Instruments Labview