Fastcam mini UX

Fastcam Mini UX50 and UX100

The Fastcam Mini UX high speed cameras are suitable for a wide range of general scientific and industrial applications and provide outstanding imaging performance at a competitive price.

The Fastcam Mini UX50 & Fastcam Mini UX100 are the perfect balance of price and performance

Two models provide 1.3 Megapixel (1280 x 1024) resolution at 2,000 fps (UX50) or 4,000 fps (UX100). Both models are available with memory options of 4 GB to 32 GB providing extended recording options.

Using innovative CMOS image sensor technology, the Fastcam Mini UX achieves high sensitivity with small 10 micron pixels that are fitted with micro lenses which increase fill factor.

At full resolution these cameras are compatible with a large range of C-mount and F-mount lenses (including G type Nikon DSLR lenses). They are also suitable for microscope and borescope applications.

The Fastcam Mini UX employs a high speed Gigabit Ethernet interface providing reliable system control and fast image download via supplied intuitive and feature rich Photron Fastcam Viewer (PFV) software.

The Fastcam Mini UX50 and Fastcam Mini UX100 are engineered to operate in an environment where it may be subject to extreme mechanical shock and vibration and tested at 100G in 6 axis so can be utilized in High-G automotive applications.

Applications include:

microscopy, fluid dynamics, engineering, welding, machine vision,
automotive testing, airbag, biomechanics, life science

                                                                          UX 50                 UX 100
Full frame performance                           2,000 fps             4,000 fps
Maximum frame performance           160,000 fps        800,000 fps
Memory Capacity Options         4GB:   2,220 frames at full resolution
                                                           8GB:   4,360 frames at full resolution
                                                         16GB:   8,720 frames at full resolution
                                                         32GB: 17,472 frames at full resolution

Camera dimensions:                  120 x 120 x 90 mm,       Weight 1.5kg