HDMI 4K Camera

HDMI 4K Camera

A NEW compact HDMI 4K Camera for c-mount lenses and microscopes. It's 8MP Sony sensor gives live high resolution images at 3840 x 2160 resolution at 30fps. The 1/1.8" sensor size is ideal for our new high resolution zoom lenses and microscopes.

Our HDMI 4K camera does not need a computer. The camera is connected directly to a suitable HDMI monitor.

Controls & menus
Easy to use on-screen menus access camera settings, image orientation and features like line generation, cross-hairs and digital zoom. All menus are easily accessed with a wired or wireless mouse connected to the camera.

Image & video capture
Images and video are captured and directly to an attached usb stick. They can be at full resolution and a browser allows them to be reviewed and deleted if required.

Image measurements.
On-screen menus include calibration and measurement features. These include a number of circle measurements, point to point, area or angles.

Measurements can be annotated to the image and downloaded in excel format.

It is recommended to use telecentric lenses for better measurement accuracy. Detented zoom lenses can help return to defined zoom positions. ImageOptics have a range of suitable lenses to ideally match this HDMI 4K camera. Compound microscopes with a turret of objectives can also be used for typically life science or semi-conductor applications.