Led twin arm illuminator  

A twin gooseneck LED illuminator. Each arm has a 3 watt white LED and focus lens. The arms are 590 mm long and there is on/off and dimmer to give fine control. Supplied with UK mains adapter. This unit gives good control and even illumination. Colour temp. 3200 degree kelvin.


24 Watt LED Cold Light Source

LED light source with dimmer control. Mains 90 - 230 volt. This powerful 24 watt illumination source provides a controllable, stable white light for side lighting or co-axial illumination. There are a range of fibre light guides including:
Single flexible, Single gooseneck, Twin gooseneck, Continous ring 60mm ID
Continuous ring 40mm ID

Photonic LED lighting 

A range of LED ring lights and Light sources with fiber optic light guides. Photonic offer white LED ring lights with 38 mm or 66 mm internal diameter (with quadrant control option).                 

  • LED Ring light - 40 LED's - 38 mm i/d - 50-100 mm wd
  • LED Ring light - 60 LED's - 66 mm i/d - 55-120 mm wd
  • LED Ring light - 80 LED's - 66 mm i/d- 35-120 mm or 120-300 mm
  • F1 light source - 5500 Kelvin - equivalent to 100 W halogen
  • F3000 light source - 5800 Kelvin - greater than 150 W halogen
A range of fibre light guides

Flexible and Gooseneck Light Guides

Continuous Ring Light 60 mm internal diameter
Continuous Ring Light 40 mm  internal diameter
Twin gooseneck light guides with focusing lenses
Single gooseneck light guide
Single flexible light guide for lens co-axial illumination (1 metre long, 8mm ferrule)

Navitar LED ring lights and co-axial lights

LED Ring Light or Co-axial illumination

Navitar LED System. Two LED based products are available from Navitar: BrightLight coaxial illuminators and Ring Light illuminators. Designed to match the optical performance of our vision systems, each illumination system was created to work with a specific system, such as Navitar’s Zoom 6000, 12X Zoom or Precise Eye system and to give even illumination across a given field of view.

LED White ring light with mains dimmer control

White LED Ring Illumination

LED Ring Light with 60 white LED's with ON/Off switch and dimmer control.
Adapters available for Stereo Zoom Microscope, Meiji EMT1  and EMT2 Stereo mIcroscopes, 12x Macro Zoom and 10:1 Macrozoom 
Colour Temperature 6000K
Aluminium Case with ABS plastic ring light
Mains 96-220 VAC, 12 vdc

LED Backlight Panel

This 2" x 2" LED Backlight panel offers bright white light with good even illumination. The supplied dimmer gives good smooth control from 1 - 100%. 

  • Colour : Black
  • Dimensions: 92 x 63 x 10 mm
  • Psu: 90-260V AC , 24v dc, 9W max
  • Continuous dimming 0-100%

The New circular adapter is designed for the LED 2" x 2" backlight.

  • Applications -
  • Mount LED panel to a flat surface for machine vision backlighting
  • Attach the LED backlight to our mechanical stages and hence into microscope stages.

Dimensions - 100 mm outer diameter with lower 94 mm diameter to fit microscope stands. 20 mm deep. There are also two 3.5 mm fixing holes 85 mm between centres.


LED Ring Light

This LED Ring Light is suitable for stereo microscopes and macro zoom lenses. It has three thumb screws and fits diameters up to 63 mm. It gives bright white even illumination and smooth dimming control from 0 - 100% intensity. The LED housing is plastic and includes the on/off switch.

  • Colour: Cream            Weight: 83 g
  • Dimensions: 32 mm  x 94 mm (h x w), 63 mm ID
  • Psu: UK Mains psu with 12v 1A output
  • Description: 60 LED (white) with on/off and dimmer on the ringlight