Image Optics offer a large range of quality microscopy and machine vision cameras to UK manufacturing, Universities and Research Centres.

We supply cameras from leading manufacturers that are respected for their quality, innovation and value. These include Photron,  Lumenera, IDS and Watec.

Photron - market leading High Speed cameras for Research and production engineering
IDS - market leading machine vision cameras with an extensive Software Suite
Watec - established range of miniature cameras with several new models
Lumenera - extensive range of quality microscopy cameras with extended warranties

There has been a trend towards larger sensors. Whereas sensors were commonly 1/3" an 1/2" 10 years ago there are now a greater number that are 2/3", 1/1.8", 1/1.2" and 1". These new sensors are higher in resolution and hence lens manufacturers have responded with larger format lenses and higher resolutions of 3 MP, 6 MP and even 10 MPixel. Please see our LENSES page and data on machine vision lenses

We also offer USB2 , HDMI and VGA cameras from manufacturers such as Tucsen which offer exceptional value and features ideally suited to QA inspection. The USB2 3 MPixel and 5 MPixel models are low cost with image and video capture to computer and include measurement functions.

The HDMI and VGA cameras are 2 MPixel resolution giving quality and high contrast images with image and video capture directly into an SD card. This removes the necessity a tying a computer with the inspection system. A NEW HDMI camera offers image capture and measurement functions without a computer.

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CMOS sensors are cheaper to produce and are becoming increasing popular due to new markets like smart phones and automotive applications. CMOS sensors give quicker data transfer and higher dynamic range. CMOS sensors have improved significantly in recent years and are now found in inspection and machine vision cameras. CCD sensors are more light sensitive, have low noise and greater colour fidelity. 

Sony icx CCD sensors still offer the best image quality and for example the icx 825 sensor offers high sensitivity for excellent fluorescence imaging.

Sony Pregius CMOS sensors offer global shutter, high image quality and low noise.

Sony Starvis CMOS sensors are back illuminated with global shutter. The high sensitivity of the sensor is suitable for astronomy, surveillance and fluorescence imaging.

On Semi Python CMOS sensors with global shutter and low noise are suitable for high speed camera applications.