Image Optics offer a large range of quality microscopy and machine vision cameras to manufacturing, Universities and Research Centres.

Leading manufacturers we represent:
Photron - market leading High Speed cameras for Research and production engineering
IDS - market leading machine vision cameras with an extensive Software Suite
Pixelink - USB3 & 10GigE cameras for microscopy with optional of IA software
Watec - established range of miniature cameras with several new models
Lumenera - extensive range of quality microscopy cameras with extended warranties

Our USB2 and HDMI cameras offer exceptional value and features for QA inspection. The USB2 3MP and 5MP models are low cost and include image and video capture and measurement functions.

The HDMI cameras are 2 MPixel resolution giving quality and high contrast images with image and video capture directly onto an SD card. This removes the need of a computer.

A NEW HDMI camera offers image capture and measurement functions without a computer.

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CMOS is now the primary technology for image sensors. Sony closed its CCD production in 2015 and only a few Sony CCD cameras remain available. CMOS image sensors deliver superior imaging performance over all characteristics including Quantum Efficiency, Absolute Sensitivity, Dynamic Range and Temporal Dark Noise. CMOS image sensors can read pixels much faster than CCDs and give better frame rates for sensors of similar resolution.