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12x Zoom

The 12x Zoom lenses from Navitar offer the highest combination of zoom range and resolution in an optical system. It is designed in a modular format and is suitable for bench mounted, machine mounted and optical table applications. Its modular format makes it ideally suited to Research applications. 

The 12x Zoom is ideal for high magnification applications requiring optical performance, a large zoom range and competitive price. The 12x Zoom offers a zoom ratio of 12:1, increased resolution and unmatched edge flatness and clarity. 

Researchers - Please see our PDF "Why choose the 12x Zoom?

Macro and Micro (UltraZoom) versions
Developed over several years this modular system comes in both macro and micro versions. Both of these versions offer a host of options including motorized body tubes and right angle adapters.

Both the macro and micro versions are popular in High Speed imaging applications and can be mounted to C-mount and F-mount cameras. It is also suitable for Lab-on-a-chip applications with a suitable camera, illumination and objective.

The 12x Zoom Micro version works with microscope objectives such as Mitutoyo, Olympus, Nikon or standard Din type.

The 12x Zoom Macro version includes all the same options as the micro version with the addition of a Telecentric attachments. 

Detents (clicks in the manual zoom) can be added to any 12x Zoom body tube at the time of manufacture. This useful features aids the accurate measurement of items in a captured picture.

A large range of lighting options are available including a large range of co-axial LED lights. This range of Co-axial LED's now include an option to focus the light on the rear of the objective lenses for improved performance. High powered co-axial LED's are available and offer the higher illumination required in high speed imaging.

Polarised light imaging
A range of polarisers and in-line analysers are available for polarised light imaging

Extended working distance
The 12x Zoom macro system has a maximum working distance with standard lens attachments of 334 mm. This can be extended to several meters using the 12x ZoomXtender accessories.