IDS Machine Vision Cameras

IDS Machine Vision Cameras

A range of IDS Machine Vision Cameras with Sony imx or On Semiconductor Python sensors.

A selection of IDS cameras for machine vision, microscopy, fluorescence imaging and high speed applications.

The LE cameras are all USB3.1 and the CP cameras are USB3 compatible with the latest CMOS sensors. All the listed cameras come in both mono and colour.

The Sony Starvis sensors are recommended for low light applications such as astronomy, surveillance or fluorescence imaging. The Sony Pregius sensors are all global shutter with low noise hence suitable for machines vision applications and high resolution microscopy. The On Semiconductor Python sensors offer low noise and are suitable for high speed applications such as production line fault finding and research applications such as Lab-on-a-Chip and MEMS.

UI-3270LE   PREGIUS    imx 265            3.45     57    1/1.8"     global
UI-3860LE   STARVIS     imx 290            2.9     135    1/2.8"     rolling  - high sensitivity
UI-3880LE   STARVIS     imx 178            2.4       60    1/1.8"     rolling  - high sensitivity
UI-3130CP  On Semi     Python 500     4.8     575     1/3.6"     global  - high speed
UI-3140CP  On Semi     Python 1300   4.8     224     1/2"       global   - high speed
UI-3260CP  PREGIUS     imx 249           5.86     41     1/1.2"    global
UI-3270CP  PREGIUS     imx 265           3.45     57     1/1.8"    global
UI-3280CP  PREGIUS     imx 264           3.45     36      2/3"      global

One software package for all IDS uEye cameras!

IDS Software is a free software package that is the same for all IDS cameras and can easily handle a mixed operation of USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and GigE uEye cameras. The package is extensive and includes camera drivers and a range of applications:

IDS Camera Manager
uEye Cockpit
uEye Sample programs
uEye Sample Programs
uEye Interfaces
uEye Hotpixel Editor