We are the longest established suppliers of Vision Engineering , Meiji microscopes and Navitar lens systems in the UK. The quality offered from these manufacturers is well known and we offer their products at very competitive prices.

New from Navitar is the New Modular Lens System (MTL), a 200 mm tube length design which accepts a wide variety of camera mounts and various objective thread sizes. We have a large range of stands and lights to complete the vision system to a high standard ensuring good stability, focusing, stage movement and a high numerical aperture. The MTL system is also ideal for a bespoke Fluorescence imaging video microscope. Navitar's zoom lenses (Zoom 12x and Zoom 6000) are very popular in metrology and research.

Our cameras include the Lumenera range of microscopy cameras with extensive software and 4 or 5 year warranty. We have cameras to suit a wide variety of applications and budgets.

Meiji microscopes are renowned for their optical and mechanical quality. For product inspection the EMT range with two magnifications (x10 & x20, x10 & x30, or x20 & x40) make a wise choice for the cost conscious factory manager wanting to give employees a quality product with maximum user friendliness and improved efficiency.

Our inverted metallurgical microscope offers brightfield, polarising and DIC features with a camera port for a very competitive price. This microscope is built to a high standard and we can offer 3 MP and 5 MP USB2 colour cameras with measuring software and cctv adapter to complete this laboratory system.