Product Details

Dual View System from Navitar

The dual view system from Navitar was initially developed for the thin film transistor (TFT) repair industry and has also been used for applications requiring the convenience of a wide field of view and narrow field of view from one system. 

The dual view module offers the ultimate in adaptability and versatility; the system has a single objective lens and presents it to two separate imaging channels. These channels can use a combination of fixed or zoom lens systems.

Two different light sources and wavelengths allow for the inspection of multiple types of materials. The use of different adapter tubes on each optical path allows for two completely different fields of view with the option of different lighting setups and this can save the time of moving between two different systems and the bench space of two systems.

The fixed magnification systems can be the Fixed Tube System which reduces the overall cost and have the added flexibility of using cameras with sensors sizes up to and including 4/3" sensors. The use of large format sensors with larger pixels significantly improve a systems optical performance.