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Precise Eye lenses

Precise Eye lenses are ideal for fixed high magnification inspection applications. They are designed to provide superior optical performance over standard C-mount video lenses. The rugged construction and high vibration stability makes the Precise Eye lenese ideal for machine vision applications in manufacturing environments. Their modular design gives great flexibility to the systems integrator.

By choosing from one of the four adapters and one of the five lens attachments the lens system offers various working distances from 356 mm to as little a 36 mm. Fields of view can be as large as 20 mm and as small as 0.5 mm. The choice of camera type (C-mount or CS-mount) will suit the application and the customers budget and includes sensors sizes up to and including 2/3".

The body tube choice includes options for co-axial illumination, polarised light, fine focus adjustment and motorised focus control. The lens assembly can use Navitar's LED ring lights (red or white light) plus other common machine lighting. The size of an assembled lens is compact and suits machine applications where often space doesn't allow larger camera/lens assemblies.

For applications requiring a fixed higher magnification there are a range of Precise Eye Ultra lenses. These suit applications for inspecting flatter, less three dimensional items where the lens is perpendicular to the sample. For samples that are reflective or semi-reflective it is far more common to use co-axial (through the lens) lighting. This picks up greater surface detail. The fields of view can be a few millimeters and down to tens of microns.

Precise Eye macro
Long working distance options suit many manufacturing applications 
Co-axial lighting for reflective and semi-reflective samples.
Mechanically stable for the most demanding vibration environments.
Modular design for flexibility.
Suitable for C-mount or CS-mount cameras.
Short tube length ( approximately 4 inches) and small diameter (1.25 inches).
Body tubes include fine focus and motorised fine focus options
High transmission (>70%) over the visible to near IR spectrum.

Precise Eye Ultra
Higher magnification for the inspection of flat or low profile samples
Body tubes include fine focus and motorised fine focus options
Compatible with high-magnification infinity corrected objectives (5X, 10X, 20X, 50X).