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MTL Modular Imaging System

The MTL - Modular Lens System is designed for demanding imaging applications and with a wide range of camera sensors from 11 mm (2/3") up to 33 mm. This NEW lens system offers the ideal optical solution for OEM and Research Imaging. Applications include Metrology, Flat Panel Inspection, Fluorescence and Cell Imaging.

The MTL offers a flexible approach and the highest optical standards. It accepts a large range of camera formats including C-mount, F-mount, SLR and 42 mm.

The modular design includes co-axial illumination options and a range of coloured and white co-axial LED's. Co-axial illumination is also possible with conventional light sources with fiber and liquid light guides. The co-axial LED's include a light focusing option where all the 4.8 watt intensity is focused to achieve the optimum condition. This option makes the MTL ideally suitable for High Speed and Fluorescence imaging where light intensity is crucial.

This lens system with co-axial illumination is also suitable for reflective surfaces such as semi-conductors and flat panel inspection.

A large variety of objectives and objective adapters are available. Suitable objectives include DIN standard (Olympus and Zeiss objectives), Nikon objectives and the ever popular long working distance (LWD) infinity corrected objectives from Mitutoyo. Objective magnifications range from x1 to x100. 

We advise on lens selection, mounting options. illumination and offer a wide range of bench stands.