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Modular Fluorescence Microscope

The Modular Fluorescence Microscope is designed for demanding single band fluorescence research applications.  Camera sensor sizes can be between 2/3" and 33 mm

The Modular Fluorescence Microscope is made from the Navitar's MTL Modular Imaging System which offers a flexible approach and the highest optical standards. It accepts a large range of camera formats including C-mount, F-mount, SLR and 42 mm.

The Modular Fluorescence Microscope uses filters mounted into a BX2 "Olympus Cube". The choose of dye dictates the filter set and the colour of LED.

There are several illumination options including a range of coloured and white co-axial LED's plus the more conventional halogen and mercury arc sources.  The co-axial LED's come in both standard and adjustable focus options. For Fluorescence imaging the focusing option is recommended, where all the 4.8 watt of intensive light can be utilized. 

A large range of high quality filter sets to suit the selected dye are available from 

For example , if the dyes are EGFP, FitC, Cy2 or AlexaFluor 488 the required filter set is 39002 with the Blue 470 nm LED.

Dyes                                                     Filters sets                         Coloured LED
CY3 / TRITC                                              49004                               Green 530 nm
CY5                                                           49006                               Red 627 nm
Alexa Fluor 514 / TFP                              49013                                Cyan 505 nm
Zs Yellow / Eosin / mKO / mOrange      49014                                Green 530 nm
Alexa Fluor 633                                       49015                                Red 627 nm
Orange #2 Fish                                       49307                                Green 530 nm
Alexa Fluor 647 / Draq 5                        39007                                 Red 627 nm
Acridine Orange / Di 8 ANEPPS             39009                                Blue 470 nm     

A large variety of objectives and objective adapters are available. Suitable objectives include DIN standard (Olympus and Zeiss objectives), Nikon objectives and the ever popular long working distance (LWD) infinity corrected objectives from Mitutoyo. Objective magnifications range from x1 to x100. 

We can advise on lens selection, mounting options. illumination and offer a wide range of bench stands.