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ZFL Fluorescence Imaging

ZFL Macro and Micro Fluorescence Imaging Systems
The ZFL Fluorescence Imaging System uses interchangeable fluorescence cubes often referred to as Olympus cubes. The cube incorporates a set of filters (excitation, dichroic and emissions filters) that suit the fluorescent dye or stain being used. The ZFL Fluorescence Imaging System is a single band system, imaging a sample stained with a single dye through a single set of filters. It can be either fixed or zoom magnification and either a macro, using Navitar lens attachments, or micro system, using dedicated fluorescence objectives from companies such as Nikon or Olympus.

The unique advantages of the ZFL include its size, cost and easy mounting options. It can be incorporated in or on a laboratory setup and creates an image comparable to a research microscope.

The light source can be one of the many standard fluorescent lights or one of Navitar's dedicated LED lights.

There are many single band filter set combinations and these can be supplied fitted into the Olympus cube ready for use and delivered with the ZFL components to suit your application.

Chroma single band filter sets

True Versatility
Cameras 1/4", 1/3", 1/2" or 2/3"
C-mount or F-mount cameras
Fixed or Zoom magnification
Motorised or Manual zoom and focus
UV, LED or Halogen light sources
Machine mount or Bench mount options
3 lens attachments (macro) and 4 objective lenses (micro)
Any industry standard "olympus cube" filter set
A choice of 7 coloured LED and 3 white LED illuminators

1-15800   Cube mounting block
1-40089   Green LED            (530nm)    adjustable focus
1-40090   Cyan LED              (505nm)    adjustable focus
1-40091   Blue LED               (470nm)    adjustable focus
1-40092   Royal Blue LED    (447.5nm) adjustable focus
1-40106   Red LED                (627nm)    adjustable focus
1-40093   Red-Orange LED (617nm)     adjustable focus
1-40094   Amber LED           (590nm)     adjustable focus

1-40031  Green LED            (530nm)
1-40032  Cyan LED              (505nm)
1-40033  Blue LED               (470nm)
1-40034  Royal Blue LED    (447.5nm)
1-40035  Red LED                (627nm)
1-40036  Red-Orange LED (617nm)
1-40037  Amber LED           (590nm)