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High Speed Lenses

High Speed Lenses have enhanced light efficiency for High Speed Imaging. The lens will have a lower F-stop rating compared with general purpose lenses. High speed cameras process several hundred images per second so light passing through the lens in hundredths of a second should be sufficient to ensure bright video is captured. High Speed Lenses can otherwise be know as Fast Lenses. See our PDF list of C-mount lenses for high speed cameras.

1" format      NMV-8M1          8mm   f.14
                       NMV-12M1     12 mm   f1.4
                       NMV-16M1     16 mm   f1.4
                       NMV-25M1     25 mm   f1.4
                       NMV-35M1     35 mm   f1.4
                       NMV-50M1     50 mm   f1.4
                       NMV-75M1     75 mm   f1.8
                       DO-1795         17 mm   f0.95
                       DO-2595         25 mm   f0.95
                       DO-5095         50 mm   f0.95
                       NMV-6x16       zoom 16-100 mm   f1.9
2/3" format  NMV-6x11.5    zoom 11.5-69 mm  f1.4
                       M6Z1212         zoom 12.5-75 mm  f1.2

For higher magnification zoom applications with High Speed Cameras the recommended lens system is the 12x  (both C and F-mount options). There are macro and micro versions of the 12x system.

Navitar's 12x macro system use lens attachments with working distances of 356 mm, 175 mm, 113 mm, 92 mm, 51 mm and 36 mm.  Where a greater working distance of 356 mm is required there are components to take this distance up to a maximum of 6069 mm. 

Navitar's 12x micro system use either standard Din objectives, Nikon or long working distance Mitutoyo objectives. The long working distance 10x objective has a working distance of 33 mm and the 20x objective a working distance of 20 mm.

For further information on the 12x please see High Magnification Lenses