Photocam Speeder v2

Photocam Speeder v2

Building on the success of the Fastcam MC-2, the Photocam Speeder v2 extends the recording time and removes the need for a computer system.

The Photocam Speeder v2 is a stand alone system with a touch sensitive monitor that records video files at 2,000 fps at full resolution and up to 10,000 fps at partial resolution. The miniature camera heads can be mounting around the production line where space for larger cameras is prohibitive. One or two cameras heads can be used when recording. The camera has excellent light sensitivity and very short exposure times deliver superb, blur free images in either color or monochrome video format.

The images are either recorded onto the inbuilt 4 GByte memory or streamed to a solid state (SSD) where recording duration is massively increased. These are typically 256 GByte or 512 GByte units.

Examples of recording time:
250 fps     512 x 512 resolution     64 seconds to internal memory
250 fps     512 x 512 resolution     60 minutes to 256 GByte SSD memory
1000 fps   512 x 512 resolution     16 seconds to internal memory
1000 fps   512 x 512 resolution     20 minutes to 256 GByte SSD memory

This system is compact and easily used around the production line. The monitor is 186 x 120 mm  (7") and the control unit only 186 x 110 x 160 mm and 2.5 kg. It comes with a carry handle and the monitor can be detached for ease of use. Although the Photron operating system is fully comprehensive for demanding applications it is easy to use and operators can be quickly up to speed and recording videos to aid production line fault finding. 

Typical applications for the Photocam Speeder v2 include Printing, Packaging, Pick and place, Bottling, Milling/machining and Wire bonding.