Measuring Camera

Measuring Camera

A NEW Measuring Camera with high resolution 2 MPixel 1/2" Sony sensor to give greater definition and light sensitivity to make measurements in the field of view without a computer. This adaptable camera can be used with a multitude of different lenses and microscopes to suit the application.

Compound Microscopes
Macro and Micro zoom lenses
Double or single-sided Telecentric lenses

Supplied with a stage micrometer this camera will auto calibrate on micrometer circles and the calibrations can be named and saved. This is ideally suitable to detented zoom lenses and compound microscopes with a turret of objectives where there are defined magnifications.

Having a larger 1/2" sensor this camera lends itself to larger fields of view and offers greater light sensitivity. With 2 MPixel resolution the best results are achieved with megapixels lenses or microscope objectives.


The Measuring Camera can capture images with annotated measurements and also export data on a USB memory stick. These are then opened in a spreadsheet where the data and picture can be easily combined in a report.

Numerous measurements can be made and layered if required. Once made individual measurements can be deleted, moved or edited. Three levels of digital magnification are offered (x4, x9 and x16) to aid fine placement of the cursor for greater accuracy.

Menu and camera controls are used via the supplied wireless mouse.

We offer a variety of lenses, stands and illumination where required to build a stand alone "toolmakers microscope".

This camera will suit companies not requiring a full blown metrology system and universities requiring measurement in student studies and research.

Supplied: wireless mouse, stage micrometer, camera psu and HDMI cable.

Features: 12v dc, 1980 x 1080 resolution, HDMI compatible, C-mount, 1/2" sensor, back focus adjustment, 1/4" tripod mounts on two sides

"Illustrated picture of Measuring Camera with Megapixel lens" .The Measuring Camera is ideally matched with our 3:1 Macro Zoom Megapixel lens and compact LED ring light. This gives higher resolution images and higher magnification. The typical field of view (fov) is 20 x 10 mm at low magnification and 7 x 4 mm at high magnification.