Fastcam MC-2 High Speed Camera

Fastcam MC-2 High Speed Camera

The Fastcam MC-2 is Photron's latest high speed camera for production line fault finding and has a small camera head for operation in confined spaces and at awkward angles.

It is also suitable as a research tool and suitable for use with microscopes, macro lenses and borescopes.

It comes supplied with Photron's easy to use software allowing engineers to optimise productivity and efficiency. The Gigabit Ethernet connection enables fast transfer of video to computer. Camera heads can be colour or monochrome. Options include image tracking and data acquisition from online sensors. Fastcam MC-2 high speed camera can record from two camera heads simultaneously.

The Fastcam MC-2 is used with lenses for production line fault finding or with rigid borescopes for internal machine inspection. For medical and research applications the MC-2 is used on microscopes or macro/micro zoom lenses.

Blister Pack Video at 500 frames per second 

The small camera head size (35 x 35 x 35mm) means the camera can easily be mounted inside machine guards to capture high speed video.

  • Small camera head
  • Record/Playback with one or two camera heads
  • Gigabit Ethernet connection.
  • Robust construction
  • Easy to use software.
  • 2,000 fps at full resolution
  • 10,000 fps at reduced resolution
  • Light sensitive CMOS sensors

NEW  - Photron data acquisition  + image tracking. 

Photron NI DAQ (Data acquisition) is a powerful tool which enables precise synchronization of external analogue data with high speed video.

Photron Fastcam cameras with Photron's DAQ Plug-in software are designed to work with the NI USB-6251 BNC  data acquisition (DAQ) system from National Instruments™.

There can be multiple inputs from a wide range of analogue devices/sensors such as accelerometers,  pressure sensors, strain gauges, flow sensors, etc. Graphical data from sensors is displayed alongside the slow motion video. This can be saved as a combined file. The National Instruments™ system is USB compatible and will work with any Microsoft windows system.  

The Photron Fastcam camera can synchronise with the DAQ system and in addition the DAQ system can use "Level Detection Triggering" (monitoring the sensors) to trigger the camera to start and stop image recording to ensure important and maybe unpredictable events are recorded.

Photron Fastcam cameras with its industry leading software (PFV) can combine Images, Data (DAQ) and motion analysis.

Photron Fastcam Analysis (PFA). Image tracking is otherwise known as motion analysis. PFA is an intuitive software plug-in which adds a new and powerful feature to analyse specific features in the recorded high speed video.

PFA has simplified the process of motion analysis. Recorded high speed video can be analysed to measure displacement, velocity and acceleration of specific features in the video. This is graphically displayed with the video and can be exported as a CSV file.