CH30 Scientific Camera

CH30 Scientific Camera

The Tucsen CH30 Scientific Camera features a high performance 3.0 Megapixel Color sCMOS sensor producing 2048 x 1536 pixel images at 11 frames per second (1024 x 768 at 27 fps) with ultra low background noise and full 12-bit color depth. The low readout noise combined with superior well depth, produces a dynamic range exceeding that of CCD imagers at several times the cost.

The CH30 Scientific Camera is ideally suited for low light microscopy or astronomy. It's high dynamic range produces high contrasting 36-bit color images offer excellent price performance ratio. The camera body is compact and light weight, and has standard C-mount for lenses or scope attachments. Camera power is supplied through the USB connector.

The combination of fast frame rate and low noise makes the CH30 ideally suited as a Life Science applications and also general microscopy. Being C-mount it is also suitable for use with megapixel C-mount lenses and all our macro and micro zoom lenses. 

Machine Vision
Bio- & Chemi-Luminescence
Biochip Reading
Video Microscopy

ISCapture software
Includes image Capture (jpg, Tiff, BMP, RAW)
Video Capture (avi)
Calibrate, Measurement and Annotate functions
Live Comparison
Image analysis and output ASCI format to Excel
Image Processing : Extended depth of Field , Fluorescence combination.